Watch: UFO Footage Shows ‘Alien Craft’ Flying Over French Town

Could this be proof of alien life?

UFO Is this proof of alien life? Image UFO Today

Alien comparatists have been very busy recently, after a series of pretty convincing videos suggested UFOs had been caught on camera for the first time.

First an ‘alien craft’ was seen being transported through Area 51, and now more footage has been revealed that seems to show a UFO hovering over a town in France.

A video, which is thought to have been taken in Normandy, France, has been posted on the YouTube page UFO Today and features an eerie-looking craft flying overhead.

Although it’s difficult to make out details, some are making out that the ‘craft’ appears to feature several lights all connected to one central structure.

Is it a UFO? YouTube commentators are split, with a few viewers saying that it’s actually a fire on a mountain in the background, which has been obscured by fog.

The video description reads: “One of my contacts in France send me over this video from Normandy. He claims the footage is real and a lot of people saw it.

“The object hoovered above the village for a couple of minutes untill it simply vansihed. the cellphone of his friend just died out minutes before the object disappeared.”

The video was filmed on a phone, but was supposedly cut short before the battery died – pretty convenient, right?

So, is it proof of alien life? Or just another hoax clip? We’ll let you decide.

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