Watch: UFC Star Breakdances Mid-Fight, With Hilarious Consequences

This must be the most embarrassing MMA moment ever.

UFC The most humiliating knockout ever? Image UFC

If there’s one thing that Conor McGregor has shown us over recent years, it’s that showboating definitely has a place in UFC.

It’s his banter and bravado before a match that really make the fights worth watching. However, Conor doesn’t tend to do much showboating during the actual fights themselves, for very good reason…

One fighter who does though is Joe Harding. The British MMA challenger thought he’d try at breakdancing in the middle of the fight recently, and things did not end well for him.

Watch the incredible moment below:

Clearly inspired by Cody Garbrandt, who won after winding up his opponents with a series of dance moves recently, Harding was taking on John Segas in an “interim featherweight title fight” in UFC 207 when his tactic backfired.

As MMA Junkie reports, Harding had “spent the better part of two rounds dancing and showboating,” and was doing pretty well.

However, by the time the third and final round came, his tactic backfired. After dancing once too often, he got caught mid-boogie, and got knocked the hell out.

It’s a pretty brutal knockout, and one thing’s for sure – he won’t be breakdancing in the ring any time soon.

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