Watch: This Incredible Jet-Powered Suit Can Fly Like IRON MAN

The footage of this stunning piece of equipment will make your jaw drop

iron man suit
Richard Browning in the Daedalus Image Gravity Industries/ Richard Browning

A British man has invented a flying jet-powered suit that will blow your mind.

Richard Browning is an ex-soldier and the inventor of an incredible Iron Man prototype which he claims “re-imagines manned flight.”

Browning built the suit, called “Daedalus”, over ten months in his garage in Salisbury.

The propulsion comes from six small jet engines mounted on his arms and lower back, similar to what we see on powered model airplanes. 

“The suit can fly in most locations,” he told “Despite being capable of flying at several hundred miles per hour, and at thousands of feet, normal operation sees the wearer flying at no more than a couple of metres.”

A suit such as this can’t be used by just anyone; to control it takes a great deal of physical strength.

Browning is an avid triathlete and ultra-marathon runner. He trains every single day in order to fly with the suit which looks like a mix between Iron Man and Judge Dredd. 

He’s also founded a company to go alongside this endeavour, called Gravity Industries. Their mission statement is, “to build an inspirational technology company by re-imagining the future of human flight and pioneering aeronautical innovation.”

Judging by the footage of this incredible machine, we’d say they are well on their way.

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