Watch These Tourists Shamelessly Race To Bag Sunbeds At Holiday Resort

Have you ever been guilty of this kind of behaviour on holiday?

This is chaos What have we become?

Holidays are supposed to be about shaking off your every day troubles for a bit of fun and relaxation in the sun, ideally with a few alcoholic beverages and some decent grub thrown in for good measure.

Yet, as anyone who has ever enjoyed a package deal to the likes of Spain, Turkey or Greece will attest, there’s one thing us Brits are pretty guilty off when it comes to holidaying abroad.

It was highlighted in shocking footage emerging online that showed hordes of British holidaymakers shamelessly dashing to bag a sunbed near the swimming pool at a resort in Gran Canaria.

For years, Brits have liked to jest about how our German counterparts are often guilty of getting up at the crack of dawn to bag one of these prized seats.

But, as the footage, taken from the Servatur Waikik resort, proves UK holidaymakers are just as guilty of the practice, if not worse.

The clip chronicles the mad dash that accompanies the opening of the pool area at 8am one morning.

Tourists apparently queue from 7:30am every day to get one of these cherished seats, which they are able to reserve using the universal system that involves draping a towel over the seat.


It’s apparently a situation that has got so bad, some resorts have implemented a rule whereby if a lounger is left empty for two to three hours, the towel left there is removed, freeing it up for use.

It’s an epidemic that’s now completely out of control and the depressing reality is that there is no solution or change in sight.

The “early bird catches the worm” mantra is present in so many different areas of life, whether it’s waiting for Ikea to open during a sale or even boarding flights.

Everyone wants to make sure they get theirs and sod the rest – something that runs through a lot of our society.

But maybe the holidaymakers aren’t to blame? Maybe it’s the resorts themselves that have created the situation by offering limited seating yet offering mass accommodation.

Perhaps they need to implement a system where each holidaymaker gets an allotted time or day on a particular sunbed, thus preventing any confusion.

This, of course, will never happen but if we are to avoid similar situations and the frustration of finding seats reserved with no one in sight, something needs to be done.

Unless you are part of the problem rather than the solution itself?

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