Watch – Star Wars: The Force Awakens in emojis

Join emoji-fied versions of Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, Poe, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leia as they retell The Force Awakens, while we all wait for Rogue One.

Feeling a bit lost in between the release of The Force Awakens and Rogue One? Well, Disney are attempting to satisfy your Star Wars cravings by releasing a new video of The Force Awakens… as told in emojis.

Ahead of tomorrow’s unofficial Star Wars Day (May the 4th), the cartoon attempts to capture J.J.Abrams’ entire movie in just three minutes.

The video takes place on what appears to be Apple’s iMessage system and features Stormtroopers, lightsaber battles, Millennium Falcon noises, and even a notification from Chewbacca informing you that your Chewber has arrived.

The Force Awakens is the first in a new series of As Told By Emoji. The first series saw four classic Disney cartoons reimagined by emojis, including Aladdin, Frozen and Tangled. It notched up 50 million views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, filming for Episode VIII is set to move to Ireland in the coming weeks.

Star Wars Rogue One
On the road The makeshift track leading to the almost complete Jedi Temple on Ceann Sibeal in Kerry. Image Irish Independent

Workers are currently putting the finishing touches to a Jedi settlement on top of Ceann Sibhéal on the Dingle Peninsula. The main site, which comprises of eight beehive huts has been under construction since earlier this year.

Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley will return to Ireland in the coming weeks, picking up from the final scene of The Force Awakens which saw Ridley’s Rey finally track down Hamill’s Luke Skywalker.

The new images showcase elaborate beehive huts with steps leading to the center of the entire area. With the photos showing structures uncannily similar to the Unesco World Heritage Site at Skellig Michael, which is the site for Luke Skywalker’s hideaway planet Ahch-To, it’s expected that the Ceann Sibeal location is where Rey will be trained by Luke.

Tourism in the area has spiked since the release of The Force Awakens, with superfans even holding their weddings near areas that were used in the film.

Parts of Pinewood Studios are also tipped to double for Skellig Michael in the final production. 

Leaked photographs released at the weekend showed the iconic Millennium Falcon spaceship parked on rocky terrain with lush, green vegetation. It has all been set up at the film studios in Buckinghamshire.

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