Watch: Russia Could Be Training Their Very Own Robot Army

Russia’s Final Experiment Demonstration Object Research facility has some explaining to do.

Robot soldiers are on the way
The robot soldier of the future Be ready

Russian scientists are currently developing robots capable of shooting guns with both of their hands and suddenly everyone at loaded is very worried.

The former Soviet state’s prototype robot, known as the Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research or FEDOR for short, is being trained to undertake a variety of tasks.

As well as being able to fire a gun, the new FEDOR is also able to drive a car with plans already in place for the robots to one day travel into space aboard a Russian Federation spacecraft.

The aim is to have the robots in space by 2021 and while its creators insist that the upgrade in motor skills and decision making is part of a project designed to introduce robot engineers aboard spacecraft and other craft, footage of these robots in action could spark some concern.

After all, at what point would an engineering robot be required to fire a gun? With either of its hands?

With drones already playing an increasingly prominent role in the world of military conflict, we could indeed be heading towards a war involving robot armies.

And while that could result in a significantly reduced body count, there is the continued concern that increasingly sentient robots could one day rise up against us all.

Either way, the footage above is astonishing to say the least.

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