Watch The Shocking Moment This Giant Python Snake Eats A Whole Deer

By Jack Beresford

March 29, 2018

Mother Nature is a cruel mistress and if further proof of that were needed this video of a giant Reticulated Python swallowed a deer whole should do the trick.

Snakes have been scaring people for as long as time itself. There’s a whole chapter in the Bible dedicated to dissing snakes. It’s near the beginning. Check it out.

Back then, snakes could stand up (or something like that, the Bible is pretty vague on the mechanics) but now they slide along on their bellies doing things like swallowing animals whole – all in the name of nutrition of course.

And when it comes to swallowing animals whole, there are few snakes out there that do it quite like the giant Reticulated Python.

It’s as wide as a human and capable of swallowing a crocodile whole. It’s also the longest snake in the entire animal kingdom.

So, when a Bambi-looking deer came across one of these bad boys in the deepest darkest forests of Indonesia, you kind of knew it was going to end badly.

That didn’t stop those sick motherfuckers over at Discovery UK from filming the entire grizzly demise. All in the name of science, of course.

The video sees the snake swallow the poor innocent deer whole, without a second thought.

There’s only one thing that could be more messed up than this. A video of the snake going for a dump afterwards. Oddly enough, Discovery UK didn’t hang around to film that…