Watch: Presenter Goes For Spin On Nitrous Oxide Powered Office Chair

The clip featured on the Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws

The pilot The prat Image YouTube/Discovery

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you strapped two tanks of Nitrous Oxide to the bottom of a rotating office chair and went for a spin?

No? Well, that hasn’t prevented two frankly psychotic so-called “Redneck” television hosts from attempting that very trick on the Discovery Channel series Street Outlaws – a show that traditionally deals in all things cars but turned a little Jackass for this particular stunt.

Having strapped one of the hosts, named AZN, into the chair while wearing a crash helmet, goggles and protective suit his co-host Farmstruck, along with an assistant, pull on some carefully fitted strings to release the nitrous oxide tanks fitted to the bottom of the chair.


What follows is pure, brilliant, chaos as AZN was sent into quite the spin, all the while looking like he’s close to shitting himself.

Speaking on the clip in the immediate aftermath of his spin with death, AZN confirms the obvious:

“Holy s***, I’m dizzy as f*** now.”

Farmstruck, to his credit, admits he feared the worst for his mate almost immediately after the “experiment” started:

“When I pulled that string and I turned around and saw AZN spinning, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at”

“I didn’t expect him to be bucking up and down like he was riding on a bronco. I thought, ‘holy crap, what have we done?”

Fortunately, AZN survived to tell the tale, which will most likely amount to the recommendation that no one ever attempts the same thing again.

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