Watch: Naked Women Shock Pizza Delivery Guys In Hilarious Viral Prank

This is the most awkward thing you'll see all day...

Pizza prank
Pizza prank How would you react? Image YouTube/Prank

Adult movie sites are full of ‘Pizza delivery guy’ scenarios, but in reality it’s not the most glamorous job…

Delivering fast food must be pretty boring most of the time, but a group of models decided to liven things up by pranking a bunch of delivery guys as part of a hilarious prank.

While the poor blokes in the clip were just expecting another run-of-the mill delivery, they were actually greeted by an attractive woman dressed in just a towel.

What they didn’t realise of course, is that a load of hidden cameras had been set up to record their reaction.

Already taken aback, the reactions got even more awkward when the towel slipped, leaving the model collecting the pizzas completely starkers.

It wasn’t finished there either. The guys got ‘a tip they’ll never forget’ after two more models came out in their underwear to tell them they’re ‘cute’.

Just when you think things can’t get any more awkward, the girls ask the guys to pick out “who has the best butt”, and have a pillow fight with them.

“I can’t believe this is happening right now,” one says, before the truth is revealed.

The clip is pretty hilarious, and it’s racked up a staggering 8.3m views. What does that tell us? The internet likes pizza and girls in their underwear – who knew?

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