Watch: Matador GORED Through Throat, Face and Tongue

One horn penetrated the roof of Daniel Garcia Navarrette’s mouth

A bull attack on Telediarios de TVE
The calm before the storm Telediarios de TVE Image Telediarios de TVE

A Spanish matador is lucky to be alive after being gored through the throat, face and even tongue during his bullfighting debut.

Daniel García Navarrete was rushed to hospital in Madrid after suffering multiple injuries during his first ever appearance at Las Ventas, Spain’s biggest bullfight arena.

An audience of 10,000 people and those watching on at home could only look on in horror as a 1,000Ib bull struck the 23-year-old matador four times.

Spectators had initially thought Navarrete’s body had been pierced in just one place, the thigh.

It was only later that doctors confirmed the Spaniard had been struck by the bulls horns four times – twice in the neck and twice through the jaw.

In the footage provided, Navarrete is repeatedly flipped into the air by the bull, who repeatedly gores him through the attack.

Reports suggest at least one of the wounds was around eight inches deep while a six-inch gore penetrated the roof of the 23-year-old’s mouth as well as the base of his tongue.

He also suffered damage to his sciatic nerves, extensive muscle damage and a fractured collarbone.

Navarrete has since undergone surgery at Hospital San Francisco of Assisi where doctors continue to describe his injuries as severe.

The report comes just weeks after another bullfight suffered serious injuries to his sphincter, after being gored by a bull at an event in Mexico.

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