Watch: Man Swallowed By HUGE Snake In Shocking Viral Video

The incredibly graphic video isn't for the faint hearted...

Snake video
The shocking video The unsettling footage has gone viral Image West Sulawesi Police

A shocking video showing a man being swallowed by a huge snake has gone viral.

Footage of a man being cut out the stomach of a 7m long Python is circulating online, and it makes for unsettling viewing.

Villagers on the island of West Sulawesi, Indonesia, set off on a search party to find their friend and were horrified to discover he had been swallowed whole by the beast.

The man, named Akbar Salubiro, was still fully clothed and wearing wellies when he was cut from the stomach of the snake with a hunting knife.

(Warning: Graphic Images)


The snake was found in the 25-year-old’s back garden, and friends quickly became concerned that he had been swallowed and suffocated by the snake.

Neighbour Satriawan said: “He was found in the location of the garden.

“Initially Akbar set out from his home to go to harvest palm, after not returning to his home people looked for him.”

The terrifying footage shows the body slowly being removed from the snake’s belly, and it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

It’s the latest shocking snake video to emerge online in recent weeks, after footage of a giant python regurgitating a whole deer went viral.

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