Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Adorable 80s Cheese Ad Goes Viral

Forget Catch Me If You Can, this is Catch Me If You Camembert...

Leonardo DiCapario
Leonardo DiCapario The early years

Leonardo DiCaprio – Oscar winner, Hollywood megastar… cheese salesman?

He might the biggest actor in the business now, but things haven’t always been this glamorous for Leo.

Before making his name in the industry, Leo appeared in a number of adverts as a child, and they’ve just started to resurfaced online.

A far cry from Titanic, Wolf of Wall Street and The Departed, one of the clips sees the in a late 80s ad for ‘Free Singles’ – ‘the delicious, fat-free cheese strips’.

Look at his little face.

He’s a total pro, even at such an early age. In fact, loaded reckons his cheese-flogging performance should be remembered as one of his best ever – forget Catch Me If You Can, this is Catch Me If You Camembert, and it’s brilliant.

That’s not all either, Leo also appeared in an ad for a bubblegum brand, channeling Marty McFly in front of some huge exploding amplifiers.

There’s a really naff 80s fashion ad too, which sees him pester his mum buy some dodgy new clothes to impress a girl at school..

It took him until he was 41 to win an Oscar, but it looks like Leo was destined for big things for a very early age…

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