Watch: Kate Upton Nearly Swept Away During Photoshoot Mishap

The 25-year-old was lucky to escape the incident unscathed.

Kate Upton. Image Picture Bobbi Brown

Kate Upton came perilously close to suffering a serious injury during a recent photoshoot on the island of Aruba.

The 25-year-old American model was posing topless for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition when the incident occurred, last October.

It’s only come to light after a clip of Upton’s near-miss was helpfully posted to the SI Instagram account for reasons unknown.

Standing atop a rock close to the shoreline, Upton was knocked off her feet by a strong wave, mid-pose, falling into the sea as a result.

For the briefest of moments, the cover star was nowhere to be seen.

Thankfully she soon re-emerged as was helped back to dry land by a nearby crew member. Panic over.

The incident came just days after the model accused Guess boss Paul Marciano of inappropriate conduct.

Upton claimed on Twitter that Marciano once felt “her boobs to check they’re real” back when she was just 18.

The 25-year-old is set for a busy couple of months, with more photoshoots in the works and a film on the way.

The Layover, starring Upton alongside Baywatch actress Alexandra Daddario, has already been released in the US but is set to arrive in the UK later this month.

It marks Upton’s first major acting role since 2014’s The Other Woman, which saw the model team up with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann to get revenge on a cheating partner – played Game of Thrones favourite Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Kate Upton Image Sports Illustrated

Upton also had a role in the critically acclaimed movie The Disaster Artist, starring James and Dave Franco.

Unfortunately, for the aspiring actress, her part ended up being cut from the finished film though fans can at least look forward to her popping up on the extras for the DVD/Blu-Ray release.

In the meantime, anyone wanting to see Upton in the thick of the action may be best served by watching her near-miss above. Well, at least until The Layover gets a UK release.

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