Watch: Jet Boater Goes Viral With Hilarious Crash Video

His name is Kieran Wisdom. Honestly, you couldn’t write this stuff.

A screenshot from Facebook.
The clip What could possibly go wrong? Image Facebook

Kieran Wisdom has become an overnight social media sensation after his epic speedboat crash was captured by a friend and kindly uploaded to Facebook.

The catastrophic collision, which left Wisdom unharmed, has accumulated over 600,000 views on Facebook already, with that figure set to rise further in the coming days.

Filmed a couple of weeks ago, it shows New Zealand resident Wisdom speeding down the Grey River near Mawhera Quay.

Everything seems to be going swimmingly (pardon the pun) at first before Wisdom decides to veer off towards Cobden.


What he fails to spot, however, is the rather large wooden pole located in the river which results in a head on collision that is way funnier than it sounds.

The footage, which was captured by a close friend, was subsequently uploaded to Facebook and has attracted plenty of attention online. 

“Ouch. . . That’s pretty well stuffed that!!!,” one Facebook fan wrote.

“Wtf was he even trying to attempt there?” another adds.

It’s as yet unclear whether or not the clip was some sort of intentional “Jackass” style stunt. After all, who would fail to spot that giant pole sticking out of the water?

Still, there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary. Like the fact that it would mean he’s essentially wrecked a pretty expensive looking boat in the name of online video bants.

Mind you, stranger things have happened. 

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