Watch: HUGE ‘Sea Monster’ Washes Up On Indonesian Beach

The weird 50ft remains of a mystery creature are baffling scientific communities.

Sea Monster
Sea Monster The 50ft remains Image Facebook/Pattimura Military Command

Footage of a strange sea creature washed up on a beach in Indonesia has gone viral after baffling scientific communities.

The decomposing animal remains were found near Hulung Beach on Seram Island last week, after one of the locals mistook the creature for a boat during the night.

As the Jakarta Globe reports, 37-year-old Asrul Tuanakota discovered the body, and footage of the bizarre remains have since been seen by millions of people online.

The remains are said to be emitting an incredible stench, and the blood is turning the water around it a deep red.

The animal, which is alien-like in its appearance, has quickly divided online communities, with many questioning their true origin.

The remains have yet to be removed from the shoreline, and footage taken analysing the carcass has racked up over 5 million views online.

There is some debate as to whether they’re the remains of a giant squid or a sperm whale. Giant squids traditionally grow up to around 13m (42 ft) long, while sperm whales have been known to grow up to 16m (52ft).

Some social media commentators even speculated that the remains have actually been placed there as part of a PR stunt for some kind of upcoming monster movie. However, as the video shows, the remains are very real indeed.

In fact, the most prominent theory emerging online argues that it’s very unlikely to be a giant squid.

'Sea Monster' remains
'Sea Monster' remains Image Facebook/Pattimura Military Command

Some online commentators believed it to be a squid after spotting a ‘tentacle’, but, it’s now thought that it’s actually a whale intestine.

There have been no sightings of giant squids in Indonesian waters, and the most likely explanation is that the remains are of a deceased baleen or sperm whale.

Whatever the creature is, it’s one of the freakiest things we’ve seen from the animal kingdom over recent times.

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