Watch: Guy Suffers Horrific Leg Injury In Gym Accident

This will put you off leg day forever...

Gym injury
Gym injury This is not for the faint hearted... Image Facebook/Dheeraj DC

Leg day can be a real struggle at the best of times, but one poor guy has suffered a horrific injury that might just put you off working out your bottom half forever.

A very graphic clip showing a gym freak’s sickening injury has gone viral, and it’s not for the faint hearted.

The video shows a man working out on the leg press machine, before his leg buckles the wrong way, and leaves him in terrible pain.

Watch the clip below:


Facebook user Dheeraj DC posted the clip of his friend’s accident online, and it’s since racked up over 2 million views.

The man is powerless to stop the machine – which was stacked with two full sets of weights – lowering towards him, and his leg bends at an unnatural angle.


A second clip shows the man lying on the floor in agony after suffering the injury. “Injury during leg workout – say no to ego lifting,” the caption on the video reads.

It’s a gruesome clip, and loaded for one probably won’t ever be using the leg press again.

If you’re planning to go to the gym tonight, you might want to think twice about watching it again – it could just put you off leg day forever.

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