Watch: Guy Pulls Incredibly Harsh Hot Sauce Thong Prank On Girlfriend

This actually looks REALLY painful...

Harsh hot sauce prank
Harsh hot sauce prank This looks REALLY painful... Image YouTube/Hammy TV

Just a few weeks after YouTube prankster Hammy TV pulled a hilarious ‘vibrating pants’ prank on his poor girlfriend, he’s pulled another harsh trick on her…

This time around the YouTuber, real name Ryan Hamilton, tricks his girlfriend Jen by coating her underwear in hot sauce just before the pair leave the house to go on a jog.

In the harsh prank, Ryan pouts Satan’s Blood hot sauce, which measures an insane 800,000 rating on the Scoville heat test (which is a staggering 80 times hotter than jalapeños), all over his poor girlfriend’s thong.

Just a few moments into their jog together, Jen realises something is badly wrong, and starts to panic.

“I need to literally itch my fucking ass right now,” Jen says. “I wish I could just cut my fucking underwear off – there’s something wrong with my pants.”

Eventually, she rushes home and tries all kinds of things to stop the pain, including a load of almond milk on herself.

Jen’s been the subject of loads of pranks from Ryan, but she recently got her own back.

She recently filmed a scarily convincing ‘dead body prank’, and gave her man one hell of a shock after he got home from work.

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