Watch: Guy Pulls 7 Cars With His Testicles In Insane Record Attempt

Bollocks to this...

Penis record attempt
That's GOT to hurt Insane penis record attempt Image AsiaWIre

For most of us, pulling a 12 tonne weight along would be an impossible task at the best of times.  

However, one guy has taken things to a whole other level after pulling along 7 cars using only his testicles.

Martial arts expert Ye Wei attempted a truly insane record recently, which took balls of steel – literally.

Don’t ask us why he did it, but Ye successfully managed to tow the 7 Audis along, which weighed a hefty 12.6 tonnes, along using only his nut sack.

Footage of the event, shot in in Zibo City, China has gone viral after being revealed recently, and it’s not hard to see why.


While most blokes would shudder at the thought of attaching anything to their balls, Ye managed to tow the cars along for a total of 8 metres.

He’s seen attaching a rope to his testicles in the clip, and he claims that he’s a new world record holder. However, we can’t imagine many other people have ever pulled 7 Audis along using nothing but their bollocks, so it may be the first incident ever recorded…

Either way, it’s an impressive feat, even if it does make for uncomfortable viewing – just don’t expect loaded to get involved in any car-pulling bollocks any time soon…

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