Watch: Guy Makes Womens’ Clothes ‘Fly Off’ In Hilarious Prank

How would you react?

Clothes prank
Clothes prank How would you react? Image YouTube/RomanAtwood

We’ve seen some great pranks over the years, from ‘naked pizzas’ to ‘awkward bananas‘, but this might be the best of the lot…

Footage of an amazing prank has resurfaced online, which shows a YouTube trickster pull off one of the best pranks we’ve ever seen.

YouTube star Roman Atwood pulled off one of the best prank videos we’ve ever seen a few years back, and the clip is gaining popularity once again online.

The footage shows two women asking various guys for pictures, before Roman walks up alongside and sneezes, causing their clothes to ‘fly off’.

Watch the brilliant clip below:

Things get very awkward, very quickly in the clip, which has racked up an astonishing 49m views on the site.

Things get really cringe-worthy after Roman asks random guys in the street if they had caused the wardrobe malfunction, and some of them did NOT know how to react.

Roman Atwood is one of the most popular pranksters online with over 10m YouTube subscribers, and after seeing this hilarious clip, it’s not hard to see why.

There are loads of funny prankers online these days though, not least Hammy TV, who brought us the amazing vibrating pants prank, and the eight83three girls too.

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