Watch: Guy Floats High Above Moving Traffic In Amazing Drone Hammock

Where can we get one of these?

drone hammock
drone hammock Where can we get one of these? Image YouTube/RUPTLY

Drones have proven to be one of the biggest technological advances of recent years, but we’ve NEVER seen one used like this before… 

Amazing video footage has been revealed, which shows a man relaxing while suspended high above the ground in a hammock.

The video, captured by a smartphone user in a car in the town of Khashuri, Georgia shows one drone owner chilling without a care in the world, while people cheer him on from the ground.

The device sees one powerful drone suspended about the hammock, with the netting secured to the craft with wire.

Even though he’s suspended over a busy road, full of traffic, It seems like the guy is having a really peaceful time, and the gentle swaying looks pretty relaxing.

It looks incredible fun, and loaded just has one question – where can we get our hands on one?

The guy looks to be having one hell of a time in the craft, even if he does drift dangerously close to power wires in the footage.

Drones are begging to change the way we shop and the way nations approach warfare, and now it looks like they’re changing the way we relax too – pretty soon, we could be seeing hundreds of drone hammocks in the air every time we leave the house. loaded certainly hopes so.

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