Watch: Great White Shark Goes Airborne In Scarily Impressive Footage

Nature’s greatest killing machine looks seriously scary up close.

great white shark
Imagine seeing one up close... Image pixabay

Footage of a great white shark making an astonishing leap to steal a fisherman’s catch has gone viral online and reminded everyone why they remain among nature’s most fearsome killers.

The clip, which has already attracted well over 120,000 views since being uploaded to Facebook, was filmed during a fishing trip to Cape Cod.

Hap Farrell the captain of the Stunmai II, the boat where the footage was filmed, told the news media that these kinds of encounters are not uncommon – sharks regularly steal catches off fishermen.

What made this footage extraordinary, however, is the fact the great white shark in question was able to leap several feet out of the water in order to capture its prey.


No wonder there is an audible “whoa” from all those in attendance the moment it happens – it’s a stark reminder of why great white sharks rank among the most fearsome carnivores in all of nature.

The Stunmai II enjoyed two separate encounters with great whites during a busy day of sport fishing out of Rock Harbour in Orleans.

Though not as visually spectacular, the first encounter was impressive enough in itself, with the shark’s razor sharp teeth making short work of a striper those onboard were reeling in at the time, leaving behind only its head.

Boats in that particular area of Cape Cod tend to see sharks on a pretty regular basis. They’ve never seen one leap quite like this though.

Hap Farrell's photograph.
Hap Farrell's Facebook picture. That's lethal. Image Hap Farrell/Facebook

The footage comes just weeks after another set of fishermen captured a violent encounter between a crocodile and shark – you might be surprised to see who came off the better in that particular encounter.

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