Watch: Girlfriend’s Shocking ‘Dead Body’ Prank Backfires

This is actually pretty terrifying...

Girlfriend's 'dead body' prank
Hammy TV Girlfriend's 'dead body' prank Image YouTube/Hammy TV

One of YouTube’s most popular pranksters got a taste of his own medicine recently, after Ryan Hamilton’s long-suffering girlfriend FINALLY got her own back.

Ryan – aka Hammy TV – has been pranking his partner Jen for years, and his ‘vibrating pants’ pranks are some of the most watched on the site.

However, Jen turned the tables on Ryan for a terrifying prank, which saw her pose as a ‘dead body’.

As prep for the prank, Jen covered herself in fake blood, and left a knife by her side on the kitchen floor.

She patiently waits for Ryan to return home, and he’s absolutely shocked to see the scene in front of him.

“You’re fucking around with me,” a panicked Ryan says, before trying to wake up his ‘lifeless’ girlfriend.

Quickly, he takes off his jacket and picks her up. However, while he’s trying to help her, he accidentally ends up hitting her hip and her head against the kitchen counter.

She ends up with bruises, but it doesn’t seem to bother Jen too much – she gives the game away after laughing, and Ryan breathe a sigh of relief.

“So she did okay, I’m not going to lie – she got me, but then she started laughing,” Ryan says in the clip.

Ryan might think twice about pranking his girlfriend in future after this – well played Jen, well played.

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