Watch: Girlfriend’s Harsh ‘Cheating’ Prank Goes Horribly Wrong

This backfired pretty spectacularly...

Girlfriend cheat prank
Girlfriend cheat prank This went horribly wrong... Image YouTube/Kwesi Bouie

How would your other half react if you pretended to cheat on them, filmed their reaction, and then posted the whole thing online?

That’s exactly what happened to one YouTube star recently, after his girlfriend pulled an incredibly harsh trick on him for a hilarious viral video.

Now, for some reason, loads of couples online get their kicks from pulling incredible pranks on one another online, and Kwesie Bouie is one of the worst for it.

The YouTube prankster is always tricking his girlfriend, but he got his comeuppance recently after she decided to get her own back as part of a brilliant prank.

In footage that has resurfaced online recently, Kwesie’s girl decided to trick him by placing a mannequin in the bed, pretending to be having an affair while he’s out of the house.

It’s not long before he returns home, and of course, he’s pretty worked up after seeing the scene. No-one expected what happened next though…

Visibly angered after discovering the scene, he runs to the kitchen and picks up a knife.

“Move!” he says to her in the clip, before realising that the guy she’s cheating on is actually just a cardboard cut-out and rolled up clothes.

His girlfriend is in hysterics, and Kwesie pleads with her: “I’m mad. Don’t do that shit, please!”

Maybe he’ll think twice about pranking her again after this…

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