Watch: Girlfriend’s Crazy Sex Prank Backfires In The Worst Way

This is the most awkward thing you'll see all day...

GF sex prank
GF sex prank Awkward... Image YouTube/ToCatchACheater

The most brutal reality show in the US claimed another victim recently, after a girlfriend’s attempt to test her boyfriend’s loyalty backfired on To Catch A Cheater.

The show has given us some shocks in the past, but the most recent episode took things to the next level after the test backfired in the worst way possible.

A woman decided to test her boyfriend’s loyalty and set up secret cameras as part of a honey trap. You can probably guess what happened next…

Her boyfriend, a geeky IT guy, couldn’t believe his luck after being propositioned by a Kim Kardashian lookalike during a call out.

The actress answers the door in just a towel, and flirts pretty relentlessly with the man in the clip, before offering him champagne.

After telling him her laptop is infected because she ‘watches a lot of porn’, she also reveals she is a dancer and offers him a “private dance”.

As the horrified girlfriend watches on, the man agrees to “spend some time” with her, and asks if it will be “our little secret.”

The pair disappear off into the bedroom, and the furious girlfriend shouts: “What the fuck, did you let them have sex?”

The girl watches on as the pair appear to be having sex. “An actual hooker? What the fuck? He probably has STDs now,” she shouts.

It’s pretty shocking stuff, and the video has already racked up over two million views. 

It’s not the first time we’ve reported on a prank video backfiring, but this is definitely the worst we’ve ever seen…

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