Watch: Giant Bull Shark Goes In For The Kill On Diver In Stunning Clip

This fisherman looked like he was a goner until the very last minute.

A bull shark.

Stunning footage of a spear fisherman, who came within seconds of death after encountering a giant bull shark, has gone viral online.

The clip, uploaded to Reddit, sees the fisherman exploring the briny deep.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a large fish begins to make its way towards them.

It soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary fish but rather a giant bull shark looking to take a bite out of the stranded man.

He only has a split second to react, with the shark closing in fast, but his actions end up being the difference between living through the experience or facing a far grislier fate.

Quick as a flash, the fisherman uses his harpoon gun to keep the shark at bay, wedging his weapon inside the shark’s open, teeth-filled mouth.


It’s an action that may well have ended up saving his life, with the bull shark quick to back off in the wake of the attack.

Would the man have died were it not for his quick thinking? He certainly would have been injured and left bleeding in shark-filled waters.

Bull sharks are famed for their aggressive behaviour too, adding more weight to the idea that he came perilously close to death.

The footage itself, which is filmed from the fisherman’s perspective, is truly astonishing to watch and highlights just what ruthless predators this types of shark can be.

It will probably put anyone with any sense of getting in the water again too.

Of course, it’s not the first time loaded has been captivated by a video involving a shark.

Arguably our favourite bit of footage saw a shark take on a crocodile in the mother of all tussles. Going into the bout, our money was on the shark, but the end result will probably surprise you.

Mind you, that shark was nothing compared to this bad boy.

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