Video: FBI cold case worker believes he’s solved Netflix’s Making A Murderer case

We might finally know who actually killed Teresa Halbach

It has become one of the most talked about documentaries of recent years, but now it seems a breakthrough has been made in the case of Netflix’s hit series Making A Murderer.

Former police sergeant and FBI cold case task force worker John Cameron thinks he knows who killed photographer Teresa Halbach in Wisconsin.

Halbach was murdered in 2005. Her charred remains were found in a pit following a bonfire at the home of mechanic Steven Avery, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the killing in 2007. Netflix’s series has cast doubt on his conviction.

According to Cameron, serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards was obsessed with setting people up for crimes he committed. He was also obsessed with the coverage a murder would get.

Cameron added that Edwards was equally callous about setting up someone for murder as well as killing someone.

Officially, Edwards has been convicted of five deaths from 1977 to 1996, including the murder of his adopted son for insurance money. But there is a growing body of police investigators who believe Edwards is responsible for some of the biggest unsolved murder cases in American history, including the Zodiac killings, the West Memphis Three and Jon Benet Ramsey. Now, investigator Cameron believes Halbach’s murder can be added to the list.

Cameron gives a background report on Edwards in a new video he released on YouTube where he explains the motives behind Edwards’ killings, including evidence dating back to May 2014.

Steven Avery mugshot
Guilty? Questions have been raised about the guilt of Steven Avery Image Photo Manitwoc County Police Department

“What it turns out Edwards would do is create horrific murders that were in the press constantly that created terror, and he would set people up,” Cameron explained.

“It was always about the setup. Starting a very young age, when he was 12, he was able to set up a guy for a murder he had done. And the rest of his life, he would get off on not only killing people but then setting up someone close to the victim and then watching the system execute them.

“Just before Edwards came to Great Falls, Montana, in 1956, he set up a guy in Berkeley, California, exactly like he set up Steve Avery.”

“He would get off on not only killing people, but setting up someone close to the victim and watch the system execute him”

Cameron links Edwards to Halbach by the following: 

  • Several of Edward Wayne Edwards’ past victims were murdered on Halloween night. Teresa Halbach disappeared on Halloween night.
  • Edwards had killed in Wisconsin before: in 1980, Edwards mudered Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew in what were later dubbed the Sweetheart Slayings.
  • Edwards was living about an hour away from Steven Avery at the time of the murder.

Edwards was also thought to have been spotted at the trial, in an unidentified image from the documentary. Cameron believes Edwards is the man in this scene.

spotted Cameron believes that Edward Wayne Edwards was spotted at the trial of Steven Avery Image Photo Netflix

It’s one conspiracy theory to add to the pile but the substance and credibility of the theorist will ask serious questions of the case.

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