Watch: David Beckham Makes His Big Acting Debut In King Arthur Clip

He looks scary as hell in the clip, but is his performance any good?

David Beckham in King Arthur: Legend Of The Stone
David Beckham King Arthur: Legend Of The Stone Image Warner Bros.

The first footage of David Beckham in upcoming movie King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword has been revealed, and he looks almost totally unrecognisable in his first serious film role.

The footballing legend looks like he’s taken an absolute battering in the clip, and he’s wearing a prosthetic of a pretty nasty-looking scar on his temple.

Although his trademark quiff and neatly-trimmed beard remain, it just proves that Hollywood makeup can make even the most handsome of stars look rough as hell.

To be fair to Becks – who’s listed as playing a character named Trigger in the Guy Ritchie movie – looks at home starring alongside Charlie Hunnam in the clip.

The footage actually shows a very important moment from the film, as it features Hunnam’s Arthur raising the sword from the stone. Take a look below:

So how do we rate Beckham’s performance? Well, he definitely looks the part.

However, no amount of prosthetics and makeup can hide that voice… While he looks pretty scary, his signature delivery isn’t the most intimidating thing we’ve ever heard.

After Arthur asks him where he wants him to stand, Becks replies: “Bouncing on my knee… Where do you think I want ya? Hands on the hilt, stupid.”

Fair play to him though, it looks like he’s thrown himself into the role. Fans can see Beckham’s performance in full when Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword arrives in cinemas on May 19, 2017.

Beckham is one of the two HUGE celebrity cameos in movies this summer too, after Harry Styles filmed a part for Christopher Nolan’s epic war movie Dunkirk.

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