Watch: Couple Caught On CCTV Having Sex, And Guy Tries To Join In

That car is now scarred for life.

The probably didn't expect it to end that way Image Mercury / Daily Mail

This is one of those insane stories where you can only believe it if you see it. Luckily for us, there’s plenty of footage!

But it definitely looks like this story’s protagonists were asking for it. This English couple were getting a bit horny, so they decided to start having sex on top of a car, where everyone could spot them –cool, as long as you are careful.

But not only that: it was in the middle of the day! They didn’t even have the cover of the night’s darkness. So disaster was bound to happen.

Time to run for their lives Image Mercury / Daily Mail

While the couple was getting on with it, a complete stranger shows up and tries to join the couple with the worst move ever: he puts his fingers inside the woman’s mouth. Just imagine the woman’s shock when she suddenly found herself with that guy’s fingers in her mouth.

Luckily, things ended there, because that is when the car’s owner showed up, and the unlikely trio ran away.

Although we do feel sorry for Mr Akhtar, the car owner. We are hoping he immediately took his car to the nearest car wash he could find. That or he burned it, which seems like a much better idea after seeing that footage.

So remember, next time you decide to have sex somewhere you might get caught, make sure that a) there are no creeps nearby who will spoil your fun, and b) it’s fucking night-time!

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