Watch: Could You Survive The Home Alone Traps?

It turns out the Macaulay Culkin Christmas family comedy is not 100% accurate.

Daniel Stern as Marv in Home Alone.
Home Alone No laughing matter Image 20th Century Fox

Home Alone is a movie that derives the bulk of its laughs from scenes involving bumbling burglars Harry and Marv in intense amounts of slapstick-inspired pain.

Ably played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern respectively, the pair earned themselves a whole generation of fans as partners in crime The Wet Bandits, later renamed The Sticky Bandits.

But the various burns, bumps and bruises the pair suffer in the films would most likely have resulted in their deaths.

That might not be a massive surprise to anyone watching these entirely fictional movies but until now the potential extent of the damage that would be done has not been known.

YouTuber Vsauce3 has changed all that, however, with a forensic look at some of the traps from the first film, whether they would work and what damage they would do.

The hot door knob that leaves Pesci’s Harry scarred probably wouldn’t work in real life and, even if it did, would most likely require immediate medical attention.

That’s not even the worst part though: the video also highlights how a full paint can to the face would almost certainly result in the recipient being knocked out with around one in two also resulting in a cracked skull and potential brain damage.

However, it’s the striking of a crowbar to the chest at arguably causes the most significant injury according to the video, with the recipient likely to end up with up to seven broken ribs as well as a possible punctured lung and heart.

Broadcast throughout the busy festive season, one thing is for sure: you’ll never watch Home Alone in the same way again.

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