Watch: Bullfighter Narrowly Avoids Death After Being Gored Through Neck

Arturo Macias still managed to return and eventually kill his animal "opponent".

Bullfighting in Mexico.

A bullfighter in Mexico managed to narrowly avoid death after he was gored in the neck during a performance set up to raise money for charity.

35-year-old Arturo Macias suffered serious injuries and was rushed to hospital after being gored three times. He was lucky to survive, with one of the three gores narrowly missing his windpipe.

Footage from the encounter sees Macias charged on three separate occasions by the bull, who also attacked him while he was lying on the sand.

It took the intervention of several onlookers to prevent the animal doing more damage, though the 35-year-old was left with a gaping neck wound that resulting in air entering his chest and neck.

He remains in intensive care following the confrontation but is expected to make a recovery.

The bullfight, which took place in San Marco, Mexico, was set up to raise funds to help those affected by the earthquake that his central Mexico in September 2017, killing 369 people.

Despite this, Macias has received little sympathy from UK audiences, many of whom view bullfighting as a cruel and barbaric practice.

The injured bullfighter

Comedian Ricky Gervais is arguably the highest profile opponent of bullfighting, having offered little sympathy to a matador killed by a bull during a “fight” a few months back.

Another man was killed by a bull during a similar incident in Spain where the bull attacked a man waving a jumper, eventually goring him through the neck, piercing his jugular vein.

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