Watch: Boyfriend’s Unbelievably Harsh ‘Breakup’ Prank Backfires

No-one could have seen the twist coming...

Boyfriend prank backfires
Boyfriend prank No-one could have seen the twist coming... Image YouTube/DerekDeso

There are some things that couples should never joke about.

Breaking up and being pregnant are probably two of those things, and YouTube prankster Derek Deso managed to fit both of them into an incredible ‘breakup prank’ recently.

Now, Derek is notorious for pulling mean pranks on his poor girlfriend for his YouTube page, but we might have found the harshest of the lot.

In a clip which has recirculated online recently, Derek stages a break up, and makes it seen incredibly realistic.

Sitting down with his partner, he reels off a list of fake reasons, such as ‘we don’t spend enough time together’, and ‘it’s not working because you’re not listening to what I say…’.

His girl is, of course, very upset, and breaks into tears. However, what happens next no-one could have anticipated.

Pulling out a pregnancy test, she reveals that she is expecting a baby.

Derek is completely thrown and comes out of character, saying he was pulling a prank that he’s ecstatic about being a dad.

However, there’s a further twist in the tale, after she reveals that she was also pulling a prank, and she’s not expecting a baby at all – a move no-one could have seen coming.

The clip has been viewed millions of times online, and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s not the first time Derek has tried to play a pretty horrifying trick on his partner. He’s done everything from throwing snakes and rats on her bed, to putting HUGE spiders in the shower with her.

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