Watch: Blind Man Takes A Cheeky Peek At Girlfriend For The First Time

He was given special technology to see and took full advantage....

rachael ray
Of course that's what he looked at first... Image YouTube/ Rachael Ray

A blind man was given a chance to see his girlfriend for the first time on television, we can all guess what he looked at first, and it wasn’t her face.

American chat show host Rachael Ray gave one visually impaired viewer suffering from a degenerative disease an incredible experience when she let him try out some amazing sight-enhancing technology on her daytime show.

The man, named Hunter Tribe had never seen his partner clearly before his appearance on Rachael’s show.


An expert brought on a £11 ,00 pair of very special glasses that would rid Hunter of his blind spot and allow him to see his girlfriend and family.

In the video we see the glasses being clipped onto Hunter’s face, the glasses contained a camera allowing the audience to see what he sees.

At first, he seems confused by what’s in front of him; then he turns to his significant other who is standing in wait.

Instead of looking into her tear-filled eyes, he immediately looks at her boobs which, thanks to the little camera, are put on full display for the captive audience. His reaction only confirms that blind or deaf, men will be men.

Rachael Ray then yells at him, “Don’t stare at her boobs. Look up!”

Eventually, he did, and it ended with a tender moment between the two when Hunter proposed to his girlfriend. Can’t blame him for his first glance though, can we?

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