Watch: BBC weather presenter Louise Lear explodes into giggling fit live on air

She's in fits...

BBC News weather reporter Louise Lear gets fit of the giggles
In fits BBC weather reporter Louise Lear gets the giggles. Image Picture BBC

We’ve all been there. When an uncontrollable fit of the giggles begin nothing can stop it.

For most of us, though, we’re not live on BBC News when it happens. Spare a thought for weather presenter Louis Lear, who found herself in a fit of laughter as she was about to give the UK her forecast.

When newsreader Simon McCoy threw to Lear, her eyes were watering and the chuckles were in full swing.

Lear managed to heroically battle through the giggles to get the report done, although one big question remains: what did McCoy say to get her to crack up?

The man himself denied all responsibility, but considering this is the man who mistook a ream of paper for an iPad we’re not 100% convinced he’s guilt free.

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