Watch: Angry Dad Wins Insane Tug Of War With 10ft Great White Shark

The man punches the creature and tells it to "f*ck off" in the amazing clip.

Great White Shark
Great White Shark The heroic act Image Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

How would you react if a giant 10ft shark swam up beside you while you were out fishing?

Scream? Run away? Absolutely crap yourself? They’d all be perfectly reasonable reactions, and the chances are you probably wouldn’t try and punch it…

However, that’s exactly what one guy did recently, after accidentally catching a great white shark while out on a fishing expedition.

David Wilks was out sailing with his sons off the coast of Port Pirie, South Australia, when the creature grabbed hold of his net and refused to let go.

Shouting some pretty hilarious abuse at the shark, David can be seen in the video engaging in an insane tug of war with the creature, pulling it right up onto the side of the boat.

After the shark refused to let go, the 46-year-old jabs it in the nose, and eventually pries the net off the creature.

While others would have panicked in the same situation, David looks totally in control. In fact, it’s like he’s not worried about getting bitten at all.

Eventually the shark accepts defeat and goes below the surface, but not before the man can be heard telling it to “fuck off”.

However, while he might have seemed angry at the time, David was sure not to seriously harm the creature, as it’s a protected species.

It’s pretty heroic stuff, and more than can be said for another deep-sea fisherman who landed in hot water recently after posing next to a 12ft Bull Shark he’d caught and killed.

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