Watch: Adult Movie Stars React To The Death Of Bambi’s Mother

Some of the most famous faces from the world of skin flicks revisit a classic.

Reacting to Bambi's mother's death.
Brings a tear to the eye Not like that Image WoodRocket

For many the death of Bambi’s mother at the hands of hunters just minutes into the Disney classic represented their first brush with death.

Until then life was all sunshine and buttercups, a world of happy bunnies and beautiful, glorious sunshine.

Then a group of faceless hunters turned up, locked and loaded, with the rest, as they say, being history.

It’s a sad and truly iconic moment that’s familiar to millions, making the sight of adult stars like Amber Chase and Daisy Ducati reacting to the moment all the more fascinating.

Part of the latest video put together by WoodRocket, it’s the first in a brand new web series they are calling “Porn Stars React.”

As well as Chase and Ducati, other big names like adult performers April O’Neil, Leya Falcon, Cassandra Cain, Jenna J Ross, Gabriella Paltrova, and Val Dodds all watch and reminisce about the last time they watched Bambi’s mum meet her maker.

Hilarious and moving in equal measure, it’s unclear whether the main aim of the new series is to inform, entertain or simply titillate but it manages to just about pull off all three at once, which is some feat.

Above all else, it also shows, once again, that these stars of the small and sometimes big screen are ordinary people like you and I rather that two dimensional sex objects to lust over. Or something like that, anyway.

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