Watch: A Man Removes A Live SNAKE From A Petrol Pump

He learned his snake wrangling skills from a beloved icon...

snake petrol station
Brave man Image YouTube/ WSB TV

A man in the states bravely removed a huge snake from a PETROL PUMP after drivers were complaining of a blockage.

He noticed a group of people around one particular petrol pump in a small station in Polk County, Georgia, when he approached the group they told him that there appeared to be a snake in the nozzle holder.

So the man (Brandon Radke) offered to remove the serpent, and lucky for us it was captured on video.

Radke said he learned how to handle snakes after watching a lot of Steve Irwin shows growing up. Still, he knows to tread carefully around the animals.

“Snakes are more afraid of us,” he said. “They just want to be left alone, but unfortunately the snake was in a [petrol] pump.”

Yes it was, but never fear Brandon put his Irwin skills into practice when he expertly removed the sizeable reptile with his bare hands. Crikey.

“I always still take the same precautions as I would with any snake poisonous or not, they still would have a nasty bite, but I haven’t got the pleasure of having [been bitten] yet and I never want to,” he told local tv station 11 Alive.

Judging by the video, everything went off without a hitch, and he used a shirt to gather the snake into a bunch before taking him/her back into a wooded area for a safe release.

Animal Planet, we think you might have a new wildlife warrior on your hands.

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