Was Breaking Bad’s Walter White behind The Walking Dead’s Zombie outbreak?

Netflix explored the ‘Breaking Dead’ theory with interesting results.

The Breaking Dead fan theory.
The Breaking Dead Walter White and Rick Grimes Image Netflix/AMC

Fan theories are as old as the internet itself, but the one concerning Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead existing in a shared universe may hold more water than most.

The ‘Breaking Dead’ theory posits that Breaking Bad is more than just the story of Walter White turning from bumbling school teacher into a meth-peddling monster but one concerning the story of a man who manages to turn the entire world into monsters.

Documented in a new video from Netflix, it’s explored in further detail, with some fascinating links between the two shows uncovered.

For example, early in The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker’s Merle reveals a stash of drugs that includes… you’ve guessed it, blue meth.

Then there is the presence of a certain red dodge which features in both shows.

In Breaking Bad, it’s the car Walt, in a moment of madness, decides to buy for his son from a salesman called Glenn.

The very same Dodge then makes an appearance in The Walking Dead, where none other than Glenn goes for a drive – could they be one and the same character? Perhaps.

Then there’s Daryl’s description, early in The Walking Dead, of his former drug dealer ho was a “jaggy little white guy” who once warned him with the threat “I’m going to kill you bitch.”

Sound familiar? It should do to Breaking Bad fans, because it’s pretty much a spot on description of Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman and word for word the sort of threat the character would issue.

Finally, the big theory goes that Walter, distracted by his issues with boss Gus Fring, concocted a type of blue meth capable of turning people into zombies.

The proof? Gus’ own behaviour, following his deadly encounter with Hector Salamacar that ends with Frings looking quite [SPOILER ALERT] zombie like.

A bit of a stretch? Perhaps, but that’s the fun of it.

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