The Walking Dead season 7 trailer may have dropped huge spoiler about Negan’s victim

Who did Lucille really off?

The Walking Dead Negan baseball bat
Lucille attacks The Walking Dead's Negan wields his baseball bat. Image Picture AMC

The Walking Dead is gearing up for its seventh season premiere on October 23, and all eyes are on the victim of new villain Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s baseball bat.

Fans were left hanging during the season six finale when Negan kills off one of the main cast, but their identity has been kept a secret.

Prior to the release of the latest season seven trailer, it seemed pretty much a given that Abraham Ford was the recipient of the baseball bat.

Now? We’re not so sure.

Watch the new Walking Dead season 7 trailer below:

Hit pause on the teaser above at 21 seconds and you’ll see a red-haired man wrestling a zombie on the ground.

It looks an awful lot like Abe, meaning that he may have somehow dodged death.

“Now we get to see what a world with Negan and Abraham both in it will be like.”

Actor Michael Cudlitz recently hinted to Pop Sugar that his Abraham will continue on in the series. The character bites the dust in Robert Kirkman’s comic series, taking an arrow to the eye in a death that’s transferred to Dr Denise on the show.

“Now we get to see what a world with Negan and Abraham both in it will be like. That’s something we don’t see in the graphic novels,” Cudlitz said.

“So a lot of cool stuff happens. For me, knowing that his potential death had come and gone, it was a moment to go, “Oh cool, they really aren’t going to stick with what the graphic novel does.” As a fan of both the novel and the show, it was cool.”

Discussion on Reddit has been running rampant on this trailer shot. Is this another character all together who just looks like Abe? Was there more than one victim?

All will be answered when The Walking Dead returns this October.

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