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VR Adult Entertainment Will Replace Real Actors Experts Say

By Danielle De La Bastide

February 02, 2017

Word on the street is – flesh and bone porn stars are soon going to be replaced by their VR counterparts.

So says Motherboard, who interviewed experts on the subject. They told the publication that interactive and super realistic virtual porn will soon become the top seller in the adult entertainment world.

“A human won’t be able to compete in this world. A studio will be able to hire a porn actor for a thousand dollars or just rent the software and create one for less,” said Ian Pearson, a senior futurologist at the communication agency Futurizon.


The reason is the fantasy factor, instead of merely viewing acts of pleasure now the purveyor can jump in with the flick of a switch.

At the moment gamers can actually have sex with characters in VR games available on platforms like Red Light Center, Oculus Rift, and Second Life.

Pearson also says that ‘stimulating body implants’ will be available in the next ten years.”

Numerous companies are also jumping on board the VR train, including CamSoda, who has intentions to produce a gas mask device that allows the player to actually smell sex.


Vivid entertainment one of the biggest porn film bastions is investing in VR technology. “The company—which owns the rights to the notorious Kim Kardashian sex tape—also released a virtual reality remake of the footage in October.”

Wonder what Kanye has to say about that?