Vinnie Jones Swaps Hollywood For Unlikely New Career

The hardman has set up a new celebrity service.

Vinnie Jones in action for Wimbledon
Hard man Vinnie Jones in action for Wimbledon. Image Getty

Vinnie Jones has traded in his career as a Hollywood hardman for an unlikely new pursuit – selling carpets.

Jones, businessman Tony Broadhead and Danny Deacon, an experienced carpet fitter, have launched the Deacon Jones firm with an eye of cornering the celebrity flooring market.

According to The Sun, the firm already has Bradley Cooper and Robbie Williams among its famous customers, while other clients include Jonathan Ross, Ronnie Wood, Jose Mourinho and ex-footballer Ian Wright.

This isn’t entirely new terrain for Vinnie, he started out as a bricklayer before turning pro with Wimbledon in the 80s.

“We have super tough carpets and that’s where we will use my hardman image,” Jones said.

“I’m very proud of my roots and I want to show that. It’s important to me to create jobs in the area. I want to give back to the community I came from.”

Deacon Jones is based out of Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, nearby to where Jones was born in Watford.

Since retiring from football in 1999, Jones has notched up roles in everything from Guy Ritchie gangster flicks to X-Men: The Last Stand and Swordfish.

Next up he’ll be appearing in spy blockbuster sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle, arriving in cinemas early next year.

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