Vinnie Jones confirms he’s in talks to play Nigel Pearson

The former football hard man is in talks to take on the role of one of footballs other hard men

'You what?' Vinnie Jones will be lining out as Nigel Pearson in the film that is bound to be a hit

Vinnie Jones has confirmed that he is in talks to play Derby County manager Nigel Pearson in a movie about Jamie Vardy’s life. 

The film, which will focus on the time Pearson spent managing Vardy at Leicester City, doesn’t have a release date or anybody else lined up to play Vardy but Jones stresses the importance of having proper footballers involved with the film to make it look authentic. 

Jones explained to loaded at the launch of the Hyundai FanDome which will broadcast 45 Euro 2016 games.

“Yeah I’ve been approached and we’re just in talks, all it is we’ve just had initial talks and I’ve said I’d be pleased to be part of it.

“I just think it’s sort a part of the fairytale really, i’d hate not to be part of it and it was great. I love films like that. To be fair, the Vardy story is very much comparable to my own story, started off working, played semi-pro, got in the Premier League, played for my country and won the FA Cup.

“When we done the Mean Machine we really wanted to focus on the football so we got players in from clubs like Brentford, we got pros and ex-pros in so when you see the football in the Mean Machine it didn’t take twenty takes.”

The Londoner built a career in film after his playing days were finished starring in Snatch after Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels before taking roles in Gone in 60 Seconds then playing Danny Meehan in the prison flick ‘Mean Machine’. 

The Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star started out his life in football in similar vein to Vardy, first starting out with non league Wealdstone before moving to Wimbledon where he won the FA Cup in the most unlikeliest of victories before moving and having careers at Leeds United, Chelsea before finishing up once again with Wimbledon. 

Vinnie Jones launched the Hyundai FanDome in King’s Cross, which will screen 45 matches across the course of the Euros through a 360-degree multi-sensory experience. Tickets to the FanDome are free, visit to register.

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