Video: The worst Irish accents in movie history

Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz all have one thing in common – terrible attempts at Irish accents.

What do Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz all have in common?

They’ve all attempted Irish accents in films and made a complete mess of it. Cinema has taken audiences to a galaxy far, far, away, made them believe a man can fly and resurrected dinosaurs – but coming up with a believable Irish brogue has proved to be much more problematic.

To mark St Patrick’s Day, we’re compiled some of the very worst attempts by Hollywood’s finest. 5 choice selections are below, but to get the whole set hit play on the video above.



Sean Connery

The best James Bond won an Academy Award for playing Irish beat cop in The Untouchables, but instead of attempting an accent he went with the voice he does best: Sean Connery. Still, it’s better than his attempt at Russian.


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were the hottest couple in Hollywood when they made Far And Away. It was a chastening experience; critics were mixed on it, particularly the leading duo’s accents. No, Tom, we don’t like your hat.


Brad Pitt

A double offender. Pitt took a stab at Irish in The Devil’s Own before playing Mickey O’Neil in Guy Ritchie’s Snatch. Authenticity wasn’t really on the agenda on the second occasion, Pitt put his vocal chords into overdrive to play the Irish boxer.


Tommy Lee Jones

Presumably director Stephen Hopkins was too terrified to ask Tommy Lee Jones to course-correct in action film Blown Away. The formidable Fugitive star played Irish terrorist Ryan Gaerity – and boy did he act it.


Pierce Brosnan

Taffin is an unremarkable film, save for Brosnan’s “maybe you shouldn’t be living heeeeeeeeeere!” outburst that was immortalised as an internet meme thanks to Adam & Joe. Despite being born in Ireland, Brosnan still couldn’t nail down the accent in Taffin.

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