Video: Watch the first eight episodes of The Walking Dead spinoff Flight 462

Here’s where UK viewers can see the web series for the first time.

Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462
Airborne terrror UK viewers can finally watch Flight 462 in the UK. Image Picture AMC

The Walking Dead’s spinoff show Flight 462 has finally been made available for UK viewers.

Until now, the 16-part web series has only been available to US fans through AMC’s website and as trailers for Sunday’s episodes of AMC’s new season six episodes.

But AMC TV UK have now made the first eight episodes – a companion to the already established Walking Dead prequel Fear The Walking Dead – available for UK viewers, and are promising to release further one-minute instalments each week.

Get up to speed on Flight 462 by watching the first eight episodes below:

The new episodes will continue until Fear The Walking Dead returns for a second series on AMC UK (a channel exclusive to BT TV subscribers) on April 11.

Flight 462 takes place 30,000ft above ground as the first zombie outbreak tears through a passenger flight.

One character who survives the attack will be introduced as a character in season two of Fear The Walking Dead.

“We’re shooting guns at zombies all day and I was having some pretty heavy nightmares for the first year of the show.”

The show’s director is Scottish-born Michael McDonough, a director of photography who’s worked on Fear The Walking Dead and the Jennifer Lawrence movie Winter’s Bone. 

Spoiler alert: actors Brendan Meyer and Michelle Ang are so far the only two stars to have made it through all Flight 462 episodes released so far.

Fear The Walking Dead is set in Los Angeles in the early years of the undead apocalypse. It stars Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis and Frank Dillane.

The Walking Dead star Josh McDermitt recently told Loaded that the horror series gave him nightmares when he first starting working on the show.

“It’s pretty violent and I’m not the only one who was affected,” he said. “We’re shooting guns at zombies all day and I was having some pretty heavy nightmares for the first year of the show.”

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