Video: Watch Rihanna and George Clooney talk about getting naked

Superstars discuss hooking up and “licking the envelope” on Ellen DeGeneres’ chatshow.

Rihanna has admitted sending naked selfies during her appearance with George Clooney on US chatshow The Ellen DeGeneres show.

Rihanna and George Clooney were playing DeGeneres’ regular game on the show, Never Have I Ever, in which guests admit whether or not they’ve ever done cheeky flirting. The video of their appearance can be seen above.

Asked if they’d ever texted someone a naked selfie, Clooney and DeGeneres held up paddles saying “I Have Never” – while Rihanna slowly held up her paddle saying “I Have”.

Rihanna and Clooney also discussed how far dating had to go before it constituted “hooking up”. Rihanna said: “It’s got to be licking the envelope”.

The game got more specific when DeGeneres asked Clooney and Rihanna if either of them had ever swam naked in Lake Como, the Italian town where Clooney lives.
Getting naked George Clooney, wearing clothes for a change. Image Picture Jun Sato/WireImage

Clooney held up the “I Have” paddle. When Rihanna unsurprisingly held up the “I Have Never” paddle, DeGeneres tried to get Clooney to invite her and the singer to his home.

When asked if they’d been drunk before noon, Clooney and Rihanna debated whether staying up until 5am counted.

RIhanna was promoting her new album ANTi, while Clooney was promoting his new film Hail, Caesar! which reunites him with the Coen brothers for their fourth film together, following O Brother, Where Art Thou, Intolerable Cruelty and 2008’s Burn After Reading.

Clooney recently admitted that it took his wife Amal 25 minutes to realise that he’d proposed to her, telling People how he tricked her into opening a box where he’d hidden her engagement ring in. Amal didn’t react, so Clooney got down on one knee and eventually says he had to tell her: “Look, I hope the answer is yes. I’m 52, and I could throw out my hip pretty soon.”

The couple got married in September 2014.

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