Video: Watch deleted scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Spoiler alert: Deleted scene shows that there was actually some editing involved in the confusing film, and aliens are involved.

Warner Bros have published what they are dubbing a “deleted scene” from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will be part of the upcoming director’s cut release of the film.

The scene, which ends with Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor in a pool with an alien forms part of the R-rated cut that will be made available to fans when the Blu-ray edition hits shelves later this year.

In the footage, Luthor appears to be on Zod’s Kryptonian ship from Man of Steel, after the police have given him access to it. The incident is believed to have later led to the creation of the Doomsday being that fights off Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the film. The creature vanishes as the SWAT team approaches, presumably with the intention of taking Luther into custody.

Batman v Superman
Who's that guy? The mystery alien. Image Warner Bros

Fans have speculated that the alien being could be either the DC Comic supervision Darkseid or his lieutenant, Steppenwolf. 

Dawn of Justice is littered with references the arrival of Darkseid, a supervillain who lords over one apocalyptic wasteland, the planet Apokolips, and seeks to add more planets to his empire. It has also been suggested that the his character could even be the villain’s father Yuga Khan, a New God who is even more dangerous than his offspring.

Despite mixed reviews, Batman v Superman has gone on to take in over £300 million at the box office worldwide in the five days since its release.

The DC Comics adaptation, which cost more than £150 million to make, was Warner Bros’ second-highest international opening after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Jeff Goldstein, head of distribution for Warner Bros, said: “There was a disconnect there between what critics wrote and the fan interest and the fan response.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in cinemas now.

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