Video: ‘UFO’ Spotted In The Skies Over California

Is something really out there?

UFO Proof that aliens exist?

Footage purporting to be that of a UFO flying high above California is likely to leave conspiracy theorists and sceptics alike thoroughly baffled.

The footage, reportedly filmed in Rowland Heights, just east of L.A., California, appears to show a small white craft followed by a much larger craft.

According to a video of the strange flying objects, uploaded to the YouTube channel SuspectSky, the two shapes were spotted soaring over the nearby mountain range on October 24.

Whoever filmed the incident appears equally confused on the footage, stating: “If it is an airplane, it is moving very quickly. .. I was driving when I saw it and I had to make a U-turn to come back to see this.”

“At first it looked like a cigar shape, right now it looks like it is almost a saucer.”

There has been speculation as to whether the mysterious flying objects are part of some top secret test being conducted by the government.

A long-standing theory related to the proliferation of so-called UFO sightings is that several of the mysterious flying objects seen are actually super-advanced types of planes and flying
craft being developed by the US military.

In this scenario, the government is actually promoting the idea of these flying shapes being UFOs as part of a cover that allows them to continue testing.

There is certainly a case to be made for that very scenario here with one of the two objects present in the clip looking suspiciously like a double-bladed Chinock helicopter.

It wouldn’t be the first time a clip claiming to show a UFO has left people confused. A few months back, a clip surfaced from a flight to Spain showing a strange flying object.

Maybe the truth really is out there.

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