Video: Two Men Arrested After Epic Supermarket Brawl

That was some crazy Street Fighter sh*t right there.

A fight in a supermarket.
Fight in a supermarket. This got messy.

Two young men have been arrested following an epic brawl in a New Zealand supermarket which was caught on camera by a stunned onlooker.

The footage, which has since gone viral, shows two men squaring off down one aisle, while several other blokes present appear to engage in fisticuffs.

In scenes reminiscent of the Sega Mega Drive classic Streets of Rage, multiple one-on-one fights appear to be taking place all at once.

Shelves are destroyed and displays are trashed in a vicious altercation that also sees proper punches thrown time and time again.

Several other shoppers and a brave security guard attempt to break up the mass brawl, but to no avail. Thankfully, no one involved took it upon themselves to use any supermarket items as weapons – that would have been seriously ugly.

For the most part they are forced to watch on as the guys continue to smash seven shades of sh*t out of each other.


In the aftermath of the incident two young men have been arrested. One, a unidentified 17-year-old male from Mangere will now face charges of assault and disorder while an unnamed 18-year-old is also up on several counts.

Despite the arrests police are still appealing for help in identifying some of the other brawlers involved in the incident.

The reason behind the mass brawl is unknown. It’s unlikely that the attack was planned by either side. It may have just come down to the fact they were already sworn enemies and just both happened to be in the supermarket at the same time.

Maybe a cross word was spoken, which prompted the mass fight but at this stage it’s too early to make any clear claims either way.

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