Video: Tai Chi Master Challenges MMA Fighter – Regrets It Immediately

If he was hoping to prove a point, he failed miserably

Tai Chi is no match for MMA
Tai Chi No match for MMA Image YouTube

A Tai Chi master hoping to make an example of a retired MMA fighter who dismissed the martial arts discipline as a scam was left regretting his decision to challenge the veteran Chinese brawler to a bout after being knocked out in less than 10 seconds.

Wei Lei, who had claimed to be the inventor of the famous “thunder-style” of Tai Chi, challenged Xu Xiodong to a bout after the retired mixed martial arts fighter boasted that his own style of fighting was superior to Tai Chi, which he felt was not a legitimate fighting style.

Eager not to lose face to the MMA coach, Wei challenged Xu to a fight, with the resulting bout watched by around 100 fans in southeast China.

The spectacle didn’t last long though, with Xu coming out flying from the star with a flurry of punches that had Wei on the floor in a matter of seconds.

Xu then jumped on top of his challenger to finish off the contest, which lasted less than 10 seconds in total.



Speaking to the local media after the fight, however, Wei seemingly refused to accept what was a resounding defeat:

“He didn’t hit me when I was standing. I only got hit when I fell on the floor, and I didn’t get hurt.”

Unfortunately for the self-pronounced Tai Chi master, it would appear that more traditional forms of martial arts are simply no match for the more modern approach of MMA.

Then again, maybe he just wasn’t that much of a Tai Chi master to begin with.

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