Video: Police Dog Causes Chaos At Football Match After Stealing Ball

His handler tried in vain to get him on a lead but the dog was having none of it.

A dog playing football.

A mischievous police dog ran riot during a televised football match in South America, stealing and eventually puncturing the ball while his handler gave chase.

The Bolivian league match between Blooming and Nacional de Potosi had to be stopped after players encountered a pitch invader of an altogether different kind.

It’s unclear quite how it happened but midway through the first half of the game a police dog ran onto the pitch, having broken free from its handler.

A frantic few minutes followed as police officers and players from both sides gave chase after the dog picked up the match ball in its mouth and attempted to make his escape.

The ball was eventually punctured during the chase, which was the source of much amusement for fans watching on.

Having evaded any and all attempts to tackle him for a good few minutes Blooming star Alejandro Quintana was finally able to grab the dog, allowing the match continue.

The incident was reminiscent of scenes that have played out in parks up and down the land for decades. Yet perhaps the most famous incident of a dog pitch invader at a football game came came way back in November 1970.

During a league game between Brentford and Colchester a dog ran onto the field of play, chasing the ball, and eventually collided with Us goalkeeper Chic Brodie.

Brodie ended up damaging ligaments in his knee as a result of the clash in an injury that effectively ended his career. So, yeah, it could have been a lot worse.

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