Video: Man quits job in style by spraying champagne all over his boss’ office

"f-k you Peter I quit"

HAVE YOU ever dreamed of quitting your job in style with a stunt that sticks two fingers up to your boss and lets them know what you really think?

One man in the US evidently has, only he went one better: he made it a reality.

In a video that’s surfaced online, an irate sell-side analyst has filmed himself signing off from his job in style – by uncorking a bottle of champagne and spraying it around his boss’ office.

The video, which was originally posted on Francesco Pellegrino’s Instagram account, has gone viral – and with good reason.


According to the New York Post, the clip was filmed at Sidoti & Co and is thought to have been filmed back in June.

In the video, filmed after work hours, the disgruntled ex-employee pours bubbly all over the office before printing out and leaving a succinct resignation letter on his boss’ desk that simply reads: “f-k you Peter I quit”.

Peter must have done something pretty bad to deserve this.

The video includes the caption “may the bridges I burn light the way” with Pellegrino even turning the camera on himself at one point to take a swig of champagne.

Quite what prompted the video is unclear, though one source told The Post that Pellegrino felt he was underpaid in his role with the firm.

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